(OCTOBER 9 – 15, 2011)

FORFIRES_r1_c3As the fall season arrives, we are reminded of National Fire Prevention Week (October 9th – 15th).   We are always concerned for the safety of each community, and want to offer our customers the opportunity to save a lot more than just money!  By scheduling an appointment online, our customers can be a part of a national safety program that can potentially save lives every day of the year. FORFIRES_r4_c1

Each year, Mr. Dunn offers a discount to customers who take advantage of our special dryer vent cleaning rate during the month of October. The discounted rate will be given at the time of the appointment and will be reflected as such on the receipt.

    National Fire Prevention Week is sponsored by the NFPA


Dunn’s Chimney is owned and operated by Mr. Melvin Dunn. He has been in business as a sole proprietor since 1985. The services provided have increased over the years from chimney cleaning and inspection to chimney rebuilding, relining and repair.  In recent years, dryer vent cleaning services have been added also.  Our customers include residential homeowners, tenants, property management companies and real estate agents throughout the Northern Virginia area. As a professional firefighter, Mr. Dunn realizes that safety is the number one concern for all of his customers.  Customers can always rely on receiving an honest assessment of their chimney repair needs. Free estimates are always provided so that the customer is able to make a knowledgeable decision about the safety of their fireplace and chimney.